Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Frozen party supplies, decorations and invitations

The new Disney Movie Frozen is coming out tomorrow in Theaters.  This is a great winter party idea because movie takes place in a winter land.  Your kids are going to love the new Disney Princess Anna who needs to defeat her Snow Queen sister Elsa who has turned kingdom of Arendelle into a frost covered winter wonderland. We have put together some Frozen Birthday Party Ideas to help you to get inspired to have a great party. You will have a party that Elsa, Hans, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff would love to come to.

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas for Invitations

Make snowman invitations and put your details on the back.

If you are looking to buy your Frozen Invitations you can find them in our Superstore.


Olaf Balloon

Olaf Balloon

Create a Winter Wonderland for this party.

Use Snowflakes you can make your own 3-D Snowflakes.

Purple and Blue are the colors used most in this movie but make sure you use white for the snow too.

Why not use banners, garlands, and centerpieces to create your own Frozen Arendelle.

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas for Food

Ice Cream Sundae Bar for this party would be perfect.

Make an Olaf Ice Cream Dessert you can find this recipe in our Frozen Birthday Party Ideas Pin Board.

Have your Party Guest of  Honor be part of planning the food for her party.  Have her favorites it will be just fine.


Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas




Create Frozen Door Hangers they are in our Pin Board.

You can find some other great Frozen Birthday Party Ideas for crafts at the our Frozen Birthday Party Pin Board.

If you are having this party right when the Movie comes out take your party guests to see this new Movie.

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas for Games

Blind Snowman Game 

You will need a piece of white paper and a pencil for each guest.

Give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil.

Explain to them that they will close their eyes and you will tell them what to draw.

DON’T tell them they’re drawing a snowman!

Next give them the instruction to draw 3 circles on top of each other. Each circle gets smaller from bottom to top.

Now tell them in the middle circle draw three buttons going vertically down the center.

Then tell them in the top circle draw two eyes, a carrot nose, and a mouth.

You will then instruct them to draw a hat on top of the smallest circle.

Next tell them to draw stick arms on both sides of the middle circle.

Now have them open their eyes!

If playing with older children you might want to devise a point system, such as: 5 points for each circle that touches the other.

Diseny Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Points for the hat touching the head, the eyes being in the top circle, etc.


You will need music for this game.

Begin playing music.

Everyone moves and dances until the music stops then they must “freeze” in whatever position they are in.

Pin the Carrot on Olaf

Make a picture of Olaf.

Have as many Carrots as kids.

Have the kids blindfolded and try to put the carrot on Olaf’s face.

The carrot that is the closest wins.

We hope you enjoy the new Movie and have a great Frozen Birthday Party. There are more Frozen Ideas in our Frozen Birthday Party Pin Board.   If you are looking for more great Frozen Party Supplies you can find them in our Superstore.

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